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The most famous popular dish among Bedouins, and the main dish in Jordan. Al-Mansaf consists of mutton, Shiraak bread, almonds, pine nuts, and yoghurt. First, yoghurt is boiled then the meat is added to it util its ready; it takes 3-4 hours. Then, yellow Turmeric, cardamom, onion heads and Fenugreek are added.

Then, Shirak bread is rent into small pieces and placed in the platter. Sauce and local ghee are added to them, making “Fatah”. The meat is added, then the pine nuts and almonds are fired and sprinkled on top. The process of preparing Al-Mansaf platter is called “Labteet”.


Nowadays, rice is cooked and underneath it a spread of Shiraak bread. On top of them the meat, almonds, and pine nuts are placed, and the platter is covered with a sheet of Shiraak bread. Al-Mansaf is cooked on weddings and feasts, when guests arrive, and on funerals. 

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